Putzmeister Mörtelmaschinen GmbH - Quality management

Quality management

It is essential that you can rely on our machines, particularly when they are used for high loads. That's why quality is our first priority, even from the very beginning. To ensure that you ultimately receive a product that runs fault-free for as long as possible, we set very high standards throughout the manufacturing process - starting from the selection of materials. Our suppliers provide only high-quality, inspected components. To continuously improve the quality of purchased components, we believe in close cooperation with our suppliers.

Random samples of supplied components are also tested thoroughly on-site. In this way, we can guarantee that no faults find their way onto the production line.

At the assembly stage, we also take extra steps to ensure the superior quality standard of our products. Specially trained employees monitor all production processes and analyse ways in which these can be improved. The more modern, sophisticated, and purposeful our production methods, the higher the quality that we can deliver to our customers. At the end of the process, the final assembled machines are also subject to further extensive checks.
But this is still not enough. All our products undergo continuous further development. We check which new requirements the machines are expected to fulfil, and analyse how we can improve our machines to better meet these demands. We are only satisfied when our customers are satisfied. At Putzmeister, quality management means advance thinking and planning, and not merely reacting to faults in the short term.

We never lose sight of our quality goals. So it should come as no surprise that Putzmeister machines meet internationally recognised quality standards in accordance with DIN ISO9001                         - throughout the world.