Putzmeister Mörtelmaschinen GmbH - Training centre

Training and seminar

Even if you feel you can always rely on our service, sometimes it can save time and money to repair small defects and undertake regular maintenance work yourself. And even with the best possible quality, the problem-free running of our machines depends on them being operated correctly. And if you want to get the best value for money from working with our products, you sometimes need the necessary background information.

This is why we offer appropriate training courses at our Academy. These enable you to prevent breakdowns caused by incorrect operation and to take some action yourself in cases of doubt surrounding breakdowns.

Putzmeister arranges seminars on a wide variety of subjects, where technicians can familiarise themselves with the structure and functions of our machines. We initiate users in the handling, operation and cost-effective use of our products. And we also offer special seminars for our sales partners, where they are given up-to-date sales information and can find out all they need to know about applications.

The Putzmeister Academy is one of the most modern employee and customer training establishments. Our trainers have practical experience and are dedicated to imparting essential knowledge to you in a way that is both interesting and easy to understand. And of course, you will learn all about the construction of our machines using real examples.

But if you wish, we can provide training on your company premises. Simply ask for our detailed seminar documentation and information on our individual training courses.