Putzmeister Mörtelmaschinen GmbH - History

History of Putzmeister Mörtelmaschinen GmbH

Our founder, Karl Schlecht, grew up with the plastering trade. In his father's business it was hard graft to obtain, mix and process the materials and place the finished mortar in the place of use.
Back then, his father used to dream of a system that could pump plaster "like water" and spray it onto the wall. And after completing his mechanical engineering studies, his son tinkered in his Swabian workshop until the dream became a reality.

He complemented his engineering skills with in-depth knowledge of the plastering trade. The first mechanical Karl Schlecht mortar pump, the KS 1, was soon followed by a number of further groundbreaking developments. By 1965, when Karl Schlecht patented the MP 20 , the first fully automatic, continually operating gypsum plaster machine in the world, our company already had its present name.

But Karl Schlecht not only made his father's dream come true for plasterers. Other trades on building sites needed to be made easier with intelligent solutions. In 1966, a pioneering development for screed layers was added to our range: the Mixokret pneumatic conveyor. With the Mixokret, earth-moist materials could be pumped for the first time, something that is not possible with worm pumps or piston pumps.

The garage in Bernhausen had soon been outgrown. And the first Putzmeister works in Filderstadt was soon followed by further branches in Munich, Rhine-Ruhr and Hamburg. Just one year after the present day main factory in Aichtal near Stuttgart became operational in 1971, Putzmeister supplied the 20,000th plastering machine - the first of many records.

From our early beginnings we have constantly expanded our product range. For example, the legendary Gipsomat was followed by the compact MP 25 mixing pump. This can handle any pumpable premixed dry mortar and can be fully dismantled, enabling it to be carried easily by hand to upper storeys.

Since 2001, the numerous machines added to our range over the years have also included the high-performance, high-pressure cleaners made by Dynajet. In the building trade, our company has since 2006 also made a substantial contribution to the mixing, pumping and spraying of precision materials - like all Putzmeister products, the fine plaster spraying machines and paint pumps arose from innovative practical ideas.

Today we have a full range of products, enabling us to offer our customers everything from a single source, from supporting ground preparation through Dynajet high-pressure cleaners and plastering using our mortar pumps, to finishing using the fine plaster spraying machines and paint pumps

And we intend to continue in these directions in future, responding to the many challenges we encounter on the way. And we are already looking forward to it today...