Putzmeister Mörtelmaschinen GmbH - Application fine plaster

Fine plaster and coating


Putzmeister worm pumps are ideally suited for fast and reliable
processing of nearly all mineral and dispersion-based fine concrete plaster with a grain size of up to 6 mm.


Internal rendering: (mineral-based and dispersion-based)

  • Fine plaster 3 mm grain size
  • Fine plaster 6 mm grain size
  • Sound-control plaster
  • Filler
  • Decorating plaster
  • Loam rendering
  • Primer
  • Concrete bonder

External rendering: (mineral-based and dispersion-based)

  • Structural plaster
  • Friction plaster
  • Anti-scratch plaster
  • Spray plaster
Recommended machines
SP 11 Beliso
S 5