Putzmeister Mörtelmaschinen GmbH - 1957-1967

                              KS1                                                        P13                                Gipsomat G1

The first KS mortar pump is built under licence as a membrane piston pump at Thum-Freiburg.

Dipl.-Ing Karl Schlecht founds the company "KS Maschinenbau" for constructing plaster machines with the membrane-free PM I + II piston pumps - LKS 100. 

Construction of the first section of Factory I in Filderstadt near Stuttgart

The company is renamed "Putzmeister" to represent professional roughcasting. P 10/P11 worm pumps with fully hydraulic actuator and infinitely adjustable output. PM quick-release couplers are used for the first time instead of couplings with cardan joints. Sprayboy - a mixing and pump unit for plaster and airless tasks.

Putzmeister branches established in Munich, Rhine-Ruhr and Hamburg.

Production of the Gipsomat, the world's first automatic and continuously operating plaster machine for gypsum plaster is patented for Karl Schlecht, signalling a revolution in plaster technology. The hopper gun – the all rounder is developed for all painting work relating to plastering. P 13 - double compensation pump, the first piston pump with no air chamber.

D 300 The first Putzmeister pneumatic conveyor is built.